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We don’t use tech, simple is best. By using our knowledge and senses, we ensure each roast brings out the best flavours the beans can offer us. Roasting in small batches we take control and therefore showcase the unique character of each coffee for you to enjoy. Part of this careful crafting is sourcing seasonal beans. As a result, our blends and single origins will change throughout the year – more coffee to explore!

The Blends

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Forest Edge Roast

Flavour Profile: Dark Chocolate, Nut

Origin: Brazil, Indonesia

speciality coffees, premium coffee, coffee beans
Muddy Paws

Flavour Profile: Citrus, Milk Chocolate

Origin: Central America, Rwanda

speciality coffee, ground coffee

Flavour Profile: Blackberry, Milk Chocolate

Origin: Guatemala, Rwanda

coffee blend, artisan coffee, speciality coffee

Flavour Profile: Citrus, Vanilla

Origin: Costa Rica, Rwanda

best coffee beans, north ridge
North Ridge

Flavour Profile: Dark Chocolate, Spiced

Origin: Colombia, Ethiopia, Guatemala

The Single Origins

speciality coffee, premium coffee, artisan coffee, single origin
Papua New Guinea

Flavour Profile: Biscuit, Nut, Soft berry

Origin: Papua New Guinea

specialty coffee, artisan coffee, costa rica, single origin coffee
Costa Rica

Flavour Profile: Citrus, Vanilla

Origin: Costa Rica

medium roasted, speciality coffeee, single origin, guatemala

Flavour Profile: Brown sugar, Caramel, Milk Chocolate

Origin: Guatemala

decaf coffee, decaf coffee beans
DECAF – Honduras

Flavour Profile: Apple Crumble, Chocolate, Hazelnut

Origin: Peru

ipanema, speciality coffee, single origin, brazil
Brazil – Ipanema

Flavour Profile: Dark Chocolate, Nut

Origin: Brazil

The Bundles

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3 Bag Bundle


subscription coffee
Subscription – Let’s Adventure


subscription coffee, coffee beans,
Subscription – Keepin’ it safe


taster pack, coffee gift,
Taster Bundle


coffee subscription box
3 Bag Bundle – On Repeat


gifts for coffee lovers
Connoisseur Gift Set


coffee tin, coffee storage tin, coffee gift set
Rookie’s Gift Set


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