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Full bodied and balanced, with a creamy mellow aftertaste.



Our seasonal single origin coffee from Guatemala is full bodied and balanced, with a long creamy aftertaste. It features a rich aroma and tasting notes of caramel, brown sugar and chocolates.

This versatile coffee works well in all brewing methods – as an espresso or with milk.

If you prefer a blend over a single origin coffee, why not check out our Forest Edge Roast?

Did You Know?

The coffee grown on this estate is done in a way to protect the local environment. Only 15% of the area is planted with coffee, the rest is maintained as natural forestry and those which enhance the coffee conditions, such as plant which naturally add nitrogen to the soil. As a result this coffee has pushed the boundaries of farming and shown it can be done in a respectful, environmentally friendly manner. In addition - it has been selected Coffee of Excellence awards.

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Weight 0.26 kg

Brown sugar, Caramel, Milk Chocolate



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