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3 Bag Bundle


This 3 bag bundle makes the perfect gift!



Choose from the following freshly roasted coffee blends:

Forest Edge Roast

Deep chocolates and praline nutty overtones and a clementine sweetness, this blend is full bodied and low in acidity.


Muddy Paws

A medium/light body this coffee has a milk chocolate feel, with citrus notes – contributing to its mild acidity but is then softened by a vanilla undertone.



Full bodied with a deep chocolate aroma.  Notes of plum and blackcurrant with a long milk chocolate finish.


Single Origin of the Moment – Guatemala

Full bodied and balanced, with a creamy mellow aftertaste.  Notes of hazelnut, malt and brown sugar.



Whatever we are roasting up currently! You’ll receive information on your freshly roasted coffee in your delivery.


To find out more about these coffees – Forest Edge, Muddy Paws, Hedgerow, Guatemala.

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