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A closer look

DECAF – Honduras


One tasty decaf! Just because you can’t “caf” doesn’t mean you should be missing out.



This Honduran decaffeinated coffee is juicy with a big body – none of this feeble Decaf here!  You’ll find notes of apple crumble, hazelnut and chocolate, giving it both richness and a smooth finish.

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Did You Know?

In order to make decaf coffee, the caffeine is actually washed out. After initial processing, they use high pressured gassed water to extract the caffeine from the beans.  This is repeated until the caffeine is removed from the molecules leaving us with decaffeinated coffee. This sparkling water process doesn't use chemicals meaning you get a great, natural cup of coffee, without the caffeine.

Additional information

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Apple Crumble, Chocolate, Hazelnut



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