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About Us

A little more info

This is our story

My journey began overseas where I learnt my skills as a Barista in the “Land Down Under”. Returning to the UK, I couldn’t help but miss the vibrant Aussie artisan coffee scene. But what struck me even more was the excessive plastic waste generated by the coffee industry. Knowing it could be different fueled my determination to drive change towards exceptional coffee.

Our Mission

At Forest Edge Roasting, we are on a mission to deliver exceptional sustainable coffee sourced thoughtfully and roasted lovingly right here in The New Forest. Our coffee isn't just a beverage; it's a moment to nurture the soul; whether you choose to enjoy it in the comfort of your own home from our freshly roasted bags, or savour it in our welcoming coffee shop.

Our Commitment

We carefully source high quality coffee beans from independent farmers who share our commitment to sustainability, environmentally conscious techniques and ethical farming. Through our intermediaries we champion projects such as education, empowering women in farming and providing clean water to coffee communities. Decent wages, healthy relationships and safe working environments are integral to our commitment. This ensures every bean we roast reflects our principles of quality, sustainability and social responsibility. For us, it is about people and coffee for the future, not just for now.

Our responsibility

Sustainability is woven into every aspect of our business decisions and daily operations. We are on a mission to show the industry that there are alternative, eco friendly approaches. When it comes to packaging, we've said no to toxic plastics; we use bio safe bags that are compostable or fully recyclable. In house, we power our Roastery and cafe with renewable energy. To offset our paper and carbon footprint, we're proud participants of the One Tree Planted Scheme. We actively seek partnerships with like minded small businesses dedicated to protecting our planet. Join us in savouring incredible coffee while making a positive impact on the world. At Forest Edge Roasting, we're more than just a coffee brand; we're a community that cares for people, coffee and the planet.