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About Us

A little more info

This is our story

After travelling overseas and learning my skills as a Barista in the “Land down under”, I came back to the UK missing the Aussie coffee scene. It was also a shock to witness how much plastic waste our coffee industry created. Knowing it could be different, I decided things had to change.

At Forest Edge Roasting, we are quality driven. We source high quality, lovingly grown beans from independent farmers and roast them in the New Forest to create exceptional artisan coffee. We strive for a product that benefits everybody, from the farmer to the customer and of course the planet.

At our heart is a passion for a handcrafted, unique and ethical coffee experience that nurtures the soul.

Our Farmers

In order for coffee farming to be sustainable long term, it is important to work with the communities growing and tending to the crop. Through our intermediary we support projects such as sustainable farming, education, women in farming and bringing clean water to coffee communities. Decent wages, health relationships and good working envrionments are all integral too. To us, it's about people and coffee for the future, not just for now.


Throughout all of our business decisions and day to day operations, we are committed to caring for our environment and showing the industry there are other ways.

The world is full of incredible coffee, yet at its final stages it is often wrapped in toxic and harmful plastics. At Forest Edge Roasting, we use bio safe bags that are either compostable, reusable and/ recylable.

In house we use renewable energy to power our roastery and cafe; and to offset our use of paper and our carbon footprint we are committed to the One Tree Planted Scheme. We like to partner with other small businesses who also endeavour to protect our planet.

Bringing it all together

Respecting the beans and all the work that has gone into them before they reach our HQ is vital. We purchase exceptional green coffee, and roast it freshly for you, our customers - by hand, and with love.