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About Us

A little more info

What do we stand for?

Forest Edge Roasting Co is an independent, small batch and artisan coffee roaster. Built on a healthy obsession with quality coffee and a belief that respecting our environment should be central to 21st Century living.

A number of years ago, I travelled abroad and learnt my skills as a Barista. Upon returning to the UK I was ashamed at how much plastic and waste our coffee industry created. The coffee scene was also a huge disappointment – which either endorsed sustainability, or great coffee, but never both. I decided things had to change.

At Forest Edge Roasting, we are quality driven and put value in the trace-ability of our beans. We encourage sustainable practices from ground to cup, striving for a product that benefits everybody; from farmer to customer, and of course the planet. At our heart is a passion for handcrafted, unique and ethical coffee experience that nurtures the soul. Artisan coffee, with a difference.

Our Farmers

Creating strong partnerships overseas, so we can support those on the ground farming coffee is important to us - it is after all the farmer who grows and tends to the coffee, it is them we have to thank. We strive to ensure healthy relationships, good working environments, decent wages, and support with every stage of the coffee process - from ground to door.

In order for coffee farming to be sustainable long term, it is important we support, educate and work together, particularly with regards to combating the challenges climate change brings to the coffee communities. Through our intermediary we can support local projects such as farming education, women in farming and bring clean water to coffee communities - to us, it is about people and coffee for the future, not just the now.


Throughout all of our business decisions and day to day operations, we are committed to making choices that support our environment, reduce our impact and show the industry there are other ways.

The world is full of incredible coffee, grown by nature. Yet at its final stages it is often wrapped in toxic and harmful materials. That’s why at Forest Edge Roasting, we use bio packaging that is either compostable, reusable or recyclable. Our roastery utilises solar energy and we partner with other small businesses who also endeavour to protect our planet.

Bringing it all together

Respecting the beans and all the work that has gone into them before they reach our HQ is vital. We purchase exceptional green coffee, and roast it freshly for you, our customers - by hand, and with love.